All You Need to Know Before You Retain a Drunk Driving Attorney

Are you charged with a drunk driving offence? The first thing you need to do is retain a DUI attorney – a drunk driving attorney – right away. It is always better to have experienced legal counsel by your side to provide you with advice and to help you keep costs low and protect your rights. Here is all you need to know before you retain a drunk driving attorney.

Firstly, make sure to contact a law firm that specializes in DUI cases. That means the attorney will be able to focus on the complexities of a drunk driving charge. They can also use their acquired knowledge to get a better deal on your case.

Now, ask your attorney a few key questions such as how many years of experience they have in drunk driving cases or ask for recommendations from a previous client who was satisfied with their results. In addition, find out about the fees that need to be paid to the attorney. It is important to understand the pricing structure, so you can afford the services that you require.

Next, it is also important to understand the legal procedures of your case. Your attorney will inform you of the specific details such as dates, locations and the process of the court. This includes the lawyer preparing you for your hearing and whether you should enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Finally, it is important to know if pleading guilty is the best option for your case. This is because your lawyer will be able to inform you of the penalties associated with the crime you have committed, so you can negotiate a plea bargain that satisfy your needs. It is also important to know if your police charges will be dismissed or reduced.

Apart from that, look into the resources available from the attorney you are retaining. They may have a list of contact numbers and websites that could be useful, such as those of AA meetings and education courses on the dangers of drinking and driving. Not to mention, getting counseling and treatment if that applies to your case.

In conclusion, retaining a drunk driving attorney is a huge step that you need to take. Knowing what to expect from the attorney and the legal process, in general, will give you the best possible chance of achieving a good outcome.

Now, let us move to the next 4 sections of the article.

Firstly, consider the possible defenses for a DUI charge. Your attorney should be able to review your case and help you prepare potential defenses to the charges. Your lawyer will look into whether the police stop was valid or whether the breath or blood test was correctly administered. Your attorney will even take the initiative to investigate the evidence of the police officer’s being wrong.

Another important advice is to remain calm throughout the process. Anxiety and stress can lead to hasty decisions and a bad outcome from your DUI case. So best practice is to always listen to your lawyer’s advice and follow their instructions. Additionally, you must ensure you attend all court hearings and trials as scheduled. Failing to do so could result in your charges being increased and even making yourself subject to punishment.

Thirdly, understand the potential penalties for a DUI case. Depending on the particular circumstances of your case, the penalties could range from fines to possible jail time. Your attorney can explain any potential punishments that you may be facing upon conviction. They will also be able to work on negotiating a deal with the prosecutor that would give you the best chance of coming away with minimal jail time and fines.

Finally, your lawyer can also help you prepare for your trial. This includes giving advice on how you should present yourself when testifying and what information should be left out. Your attorney can also go over potential questions that the prosecutor may ask and how best to answer. Again, it is always important to remain calm and cooperative during the trial for a good outcome.

In conclusion, retaining a drunk driving attorney is a vital step in avoiding more severe consequences. It can mean that you get released quicker, gain access to resources, and gain the best possible defense for your case. This is why it is essential that you take the time to find the right attorney for your needs and be aware of the legal proceedings before you go to court.