DUI lawyers

DUI lawyers help people who have been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol. Police officers are on the look out for any driver who might have had too much to drink. Further, there are many communities that encourage drivers to call the police and report drunk drivers they see on the road. The driver who crosses the white line on the road, or fails to put his lights on at night, or does not respond quickly to a red or green light, will be presumed to be driving under the influence by law enforcement.

The truth about alcohol is that is reduces a person’s judgment. The person who is under the influence of alcohol actually thinks that he can drive safely. But the reality is that any amount of alcohol impairs a drivers reaction time and can lead to dangerous driving conditions. It is best to decide before drinking how one will get home.


People, before drinking, should arrange to have a designated driver, arrange alternate transportation home, or arrange to stay at the place they are drinking until they are sober. For those however, who have been charged with driving while intoxicated, the terrible ordeal has just begun. A conviction of drunk driving will result in a suspended driver’s license, increased insurance premium, and a heavy fine.

Those who are facing conviction should hire an attorney. The lawyer will explain the process the defendant is facing. The attorney will examine the evidence and determine the chances of winning a jury trial. Of course, it is the defendant’s choice as to go ask for a jury trial, but the lawyer can help his client make the decision by offering his opinion based on the facts of the case.

A person could fail the field sobriety test, and still be adjudged not guilty. The person who blows into the alcohol measuring device could register an alcohol level over the legal limit and be found not guilty of the offense. There are many defenses to the charge that a DUI attorney can raise to help his client avoid conviction.

The field sobriety test can be challenged. For instance, the defendant might have failed the test not because he was under the influence but because he was tired and the test was given late at night when he is usually in bed asleep. Most tests are done out in an open road late at night. The surface where the test is given could have holes, uneven surfaces, and there could be many distractions such as automobile traffic nearby which can cause the person to fail the test. The test results therefore, might be thrown out of evidence.

dwi sr22 lawyerIf the defendant was determined to be intoxicated based on a reading of a portable alcohol measuring device, the read might not be allowed in evidence. If the device had not been calibrated, the reading could be faulty. The attorney will also look into the circumstances that led to his client’s arrest.

If the police were alerted by a third party that his client was driving drunk, the charge might have to be dropped. The officer has to observe a person driving while intoxicated. The police cannot simply rely on a member of the public reporting a driver driving drunk. These are only some of the defenses DUI lawyers can raise on behalf of their clients.

There are many mistakes that a person can make after being hurt in a car accident that can greatly affect the value of their injury claim. These mistakes can be made by someone who has a lawyer, or someone who does not .

Not going to the doctor right away

It is important to report your injuries to your doctor early on  . If you do not seek   medical treatment quickly after the accident, an argument can be made that you were not that hurt.

Not going to their doctor regularly

Your claim can be severely compromised by failing to attend for regular treatment, as it will be argued against you that your injuries were not that severe . An ICBC claims lawyer will advise you of the importance of seeking regular medical treatment.

Signing documentation without having it reviewed by a lawyer

Many unrepresented claimants sign statements about how the accident occurred, which can be detrimental to their claim if an error, omission, or vague statement is contained therein. It is also not advisable to sign a subrogation agreement with your employer or benefits carrier without a lawyer seeing it first .

Not being aware that they actually have a claim

Believe it or not, several people may feel that they are not actually entitled to make a claim , such as if their infant has been injured, if they have been struck by an uninsured driver, if they are the victim of a hit and run accident, or if the accident occurred quite some time ago.

Not knowing the proper time limits and limitation periods with respect to their claim

Many people with valid claims, and who choose to represent themselves, generally miss vital time limits and limitation periods . Consequently, they may lose the right to make a claim. An ICBC injury lawyer can help you meet all time deadlines applicable to your case.

Not being aware of all forms of damages that can actually be claimed

A great deal of people believe that you can just claim for pain and suffering, and wage loss . In fact, there are many other forms of damages that you can claim for, such as loss of housekeeping, loss of opportunity, and cost of future care. Many people often get shortchanged by not knowing all the types of compensation available to them.

Not being aware of their legal obligations

Many injured claimants are not aware they are required by law to take an active role in their rehabilitation process . A finding of failure to mitigate can lead to a reduction in the value of your injury claim. A personal injury lawyer vancouver can make you well aware of your legal obligations.

Not keeping track of out of pocket expenses

Quite often, the insurance company will require original receipts to prove the extent of your expenditures. A claim will be lowered in value for not keeping original receipts .

Settling their matter when they are still injured

Believe it or not, many injured claimants conclude their matters even when they are still injured . This can result in injured people being denied fair value for their injury claim , as once you sign a Release, you are not entitled to any more compensation for your injuries .